Martí Sales IN RESiDENCE at the School Narcís Monturiol

Orgull de classe [Class pride]

Orgull de classe [Class pride]
Poetry recital

Description of the work
A poetry recital in three parts in cooperation with the residences of Maria Arnal at Milà i Fontalans secondary school and Anna Pantinat, in residence at Josep Comas i Solà school.

The second part was by pupils from Narcís Monturiol school with Martí Sales. This was a recital of texts, both written by themselves and by other authors. Each text was recited by some of the pupils and accompanied by gestures, sounds or movements by the rest of the group. The result was a collective, choral performance.

At the end of the three parts, the pupils ended the performance by reciting the short texts from Me'n recordo [I Remember].

On May 14, during Barcelona Poetry Week, the poetry recital Orgull de classe [Class pride] was presented at  Fabra i Coats Art Factory. The piece, formed by three different parts with a coda bringing everyone together, features the three works produced in the three residences.

The presentation was attended by a large audience, family members and classmates, people linked to the world of art and culture, and representatives from Barcelona Education Consortium and Barcelona City Council Institute of Culture.