Martí Sales IN RESiDENCE at the School Narcís Monturiol

Early sessions

The first sessions with Martí Sales were devoted to reading texts aloud, followed by discussion of how the meaning of words can change depending on how they are performed. Martí Sales suggested several texts that interested him, and writers that he considers important for his work. As a result, a session was devoted to reading aloud an extract from Eliot Weinberger's book An Elemental Thing.

Outings in Barcelona

The first sessions of the course were devoted to what Martí Sales calls “nutrition”: authors, readings, images and so on. The group also started to take some walking tours of Barcelona to find references and themes for their writing. The routes followed were, firstly, from La Clota to Muntanya Pelada; and, secondly, from Mundet to Torre Baró.

Improv workshop led by Za!

A meeting was proposed with the two groups of students taking part in IN RESIDENCE, with whom they may end up giving the final presentation: pupils from Milà i Fontanals school, who were working with Maria Arnal, and Comas i Solà school, where the artist in residence was Anna Pantinat. To provide a space where the groups could meet and exchange thoughts, an improv workshop with the group Za! was organised. At it, over the course of a whole morning, the pupils worked to create a piece that they all performed together at the end.

Visits by poets

To enable the pupils to continue discovering poetry, two poets, Núria Martínez Vernis and Guim Valls, were invited to take part in the sessions at the school. Both poets read from their work and listened to the pupils as they recited their own writing, giving them feedback, suggesting different ways of expressing themselves and so on.

Visit to the exhibition devoted to Joan Ponç

The universe of Joan Ponç has many links with the activities proposed by Martí Sales at the sessions: a good example is his writing on dreams. The group visited the exhibition devoted to this author at La Pedrera discovering his work and creative universe for future thought and discussion.

The pupils write their own texts

The texts were brought together, the first selection was made for St George’s Day and some short pieces were recorded. Based on reading of work by Georges Pérec and the creation of the texts entitled Me’n recordo [I Remember], the pupils selected the most interesting ones for recording and sharing with the rest of school on St George’s Day. These texts would also be included in the final presentation.

Final rehearsals: work on diction, voice and body

Rehearsals took place in the school gym, in order to provide space for the body, for movement and to organise various groups. At them, the group made the final selection of texts, prepared to read them and planned the movements or choreographies which would accompany each.

Pre-presentation session at Fabra i Coats

Work sessions before the final presentation took place at Fabra i Coats Art Factory, enabling the group to create the transitions from one group to another, decide the ending and structure the performance as a whole.


At Fabra i Coats Art Factory, Barcelona Poetry Festival hosted the presentation of Orgull de classe [Class Pride], a poetry recital in three movements. The presentation was warmly applauded by all those in attendance.