Martí Sales IN RESiDENCE at the School Narcís Monturiol

Born in Barcelona in 1979, Martí Sales has done a bit of everything. He has played for bands (Els Surfing Sirles, Convergència i Unió), studied literary theory and comparative literature; written (Huckleberry Finn, Moll, 2005; Dies feliços a la presó, Empúries, 2007; Ara és el moment, Amsterdam, 2011; Principi d’incertesa, Males Herbes, 2015; La cremallera, Males Herbes, 2016); contributed to Time Out Barcelona; worked as a translator (John Fante, Kurt Vonnegut, Jim Dodge and so on); acted (with the Amaranto theatre company and at countless events and recitals); produced magazines devoted to object art (Al Buit, 2001-2003); and directed Barcelona International Poetry Festival (in cooperation with Eduard Escoffet, 2010-2012) and Poesia i + for Fundació Palau i Fabre.

Biography written in 2017

School Narcís Monturiol

Narcís Monturiol participates for the second time in the program, with a group of 4th of ESO students.


The Narcís Monturiol Secondary School (Montbau, Horta-Guinardó) celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2018-2019 academic year. It is a small school, with two classes per secondary year and one Baccalaureate class. The size of the school means knowledge of the whole educational area is possible and everyone’s involvement with the school is one of the factors that makes it different.


Students 4th of ESO:
Tanit Callado, Victòria Calvo, Eugeni Casado, Marc Cebrià, Uliana Chersak, Angie Córdoba, Noemí de Sá, Enric Gómez, Ruben Gómez, Cem Koger, Eva Lamonja, Maria López, Ivette Parellada, Enrique Pérez, Georgina Requena, Natalia Romero, Paula Soro, Ciro Torras and Laiba Zulfiqar

Sara Elias y David Larrad

Curation and coordination:
Núria Aidelman, Laia Colell and Agnès Sebastià (A Bao A Qu Association)

Directed by:
Culture Institute of Barcelona
Barcelona Education Consortium

Residencia tied to "Barcelona UNESCO City of Literature" and at the Poetry Week 2018.