Clara Gassull IN RESiDENCE at the School Lluís Domènech i Montaner

Place, play and exploration to start.

Stop. Contemplate and wait. Then explore, study, compile and intervene. Thus establishing a relationship with the place.

Prospecció de prospiecere, or ‘looking far’. Also, exploring, analysing and investigating.

Play to be constant, repetitive, playful. This can be anywhere, at any time.

Place, as home, is defined as the things that happen there and characterise it, by being like it is. The word in Spanish is hogar which is derived from hoguera, the fire that gives heat, warmth.

These three themes can be treated as a working method, using photography and other artistic disciplines, to establish a relationship with our surroundings.


The processes and the work resulting from each residency are presented at the end of each edition. Here you will find the description, register and related documents.

Throughout the academic year, you can follow the creative processes on the IN RESiDENCY blogs.