IN RESiDENCE is based on the participation of mediation teams, experts in developing creation processes in a formal educational context. By supporting creators and educators as well as teenagers throughout the process, the mediation teams make up a unique universe which includes associations specifically aimed at intersections between education and culture, educational teams from museum and cultural facilities; creation-factory teams and independent spaces.


A Bao A Qu is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to devising and implementing projects linking artistic creation to education. Founded in 2004, it introduces creation in schools and institutes through film makers, artists and other creators. Its notable projects include “Cinema en curs” and “Moving Cinema”, as well as collaborations with top museums and cultural facilities. In 2015, it received the City of Barcelona Visual Arts Prize. It helped to devise iN RESiDENCE and has taken part in all its editions as a mediation team. It curated the exhibition “Here we've found a place to think. 10 years - Artists iN RESiDENCE at the Schools of Barcelona” (Centre d’Art de Barcelona - Fabra i Coats, 2019).




El Mercat de les Flors and el Graner are two public structures dedicated to dance creation and body languages and movement that complement one another in their dance creation, production, dissemination and research programmes and services. El Mercat de les Flors is a leading national and international dance dissemination and production centre, managing El Graner within the framework of the Creation Factories programme. El Mercat de les Flors and El Graner have been taking part in iN RESiDENCE since the programme's fourth edition (2012-2013).


La Sala Beckett / Obrador Internacional de Dramatúrgia is a theatre creation and experimentation venue dedicated to promoting contemporary dramas. It forms part of the Creation Factories programme. The Sala Beckett and the Obrador run programmes there for training and experimenting, producing shows, courses, workshops and international meetings, among other activities. The venue has been taking part in iN RESiDENCE since its fourth edition (2012-2013).


L’Espai 13 (Fundació Joan Miró de Barcelona) is a research and experimentation laboratory aimed at producing and supporting up-and-coming local and international creations, with more than 500 artists and 32 curators in over 250 exhibitions and with over 35 years behind it. It has been taking part in iN RESiDENCE since its fifth edition (2013-2014).



El Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, as a public entity, is boosting its social and educational use as a space of knowledge and debate at the service of the public. The museum aims to exhibit Catalan artistic expression without any chronological limits while also generating new knowledge derived from research and work with other institutions. It has been taking part in iN RESiDENCE since its fifth edition (2013-2014).



L’Afluent is a cooperative dedicated to cultural management, above all in the field of curating and technical and artistic production of music events, as well as comprehensive management of spaces with cultural programmes. It is currently in charge of the Sala Vol del Poblenou’s comprehensive management and programme planning, of the BAM Fabra's programme planning and mediating iN RESiDENCE's music programmes, where it has been taking part since its seventh edition (2015-2016).




Antic Teatre - Espai de Creació, is an independent cultural and social centre housed in a building dating back to 1650, located in the heart of Barcelona. The Antic Teatre is one of the leading venues on the contemporary independent live arts scene. Its mission is to promote and support the development of new multi-disciplinary performance languages. It also champions ties to the community and the fundamental supportive role of the local area in its definition as a cultural and social centre. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during the ninth edition of the programme (2017-2018).


La Central del Circ is a circus-creation space managed by the Catalan Circus Professionals’ Association (APCC), which provides the resources required for warm-ups, rehearsing and ongoing training to circus professionals. It supports these professionals in all areas of creation, management, production and dissemination, encouraging the development of circuses in our region. It is part of the Barcelona Creation Factories Network.

The Head office of the Circus takes part in the program iN RESiDENCE since the ninth edition (2017-2018).



El MACBA is an institution working through art to launch research projects and promote education as an aesthetic pursuit. Its educational work is based on a critique of the disciplinary education model and delves deeply into the possibilities of education as a liberating pursuit. The museum takes an in-depth look at collective learning for cultivating critical thinking. MACBA has been collaborating with iN RESiDENCE since its third edition (2011-2012) and taking part as a mediation team since its ninth edition (2017-2018).



Experimentem amb l’ART works through contemporary art and creative processes understood as educational action, to promote critical skills, question reality and creatively transform our environment. The entity’s main activity since 1993 has been designing and implementing diverse artistic and educational projects, as well as managing Espai EART, a multi-functional venue that opens new paths in research and experimentation from various perspectives of the world of art and education. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during its tenth edition (2018-2019).



La Caldera is a creation factory dedicated to artistic practices based on body and movement, with a stable base of member artists with extensive experience in several fields. It plays host to and supports creative processes and proposes innovative contexts for sharing results. It aims to be a space for facilitating research, dialogue and exchange of practices and knowledge between creators, and for transmitting these to the public. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during its tenth edition (2018-2019). 



La Poderosa is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2003 for creating, implementing and researching projects linked to the performing arts specialising in the body and its performativity. It is also a physical space located in the Sants-Montjuïc neighbourhood, where the artistic residence and the exhibition specialising in new languages and expanded choreography have their place. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during its tenth edition (2018-2019).



Founded in 1976, the Teatre Lliure is one of the points of reference on the current Catalan scene. Its Educational Service aims to make the performing arts more accessible to the public through its commitment to contemporary creation, which serves to encourage a critical spirit among young people, inviting them to reflect on the society we live in. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during its tenth edition (2018-2019).



El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria puts itself at the service of the city, with the aim of encouraging and promoting reflection on local and national memories and on memories of events that affect human communities around the world. Four cornerstones enable this aim: actions in neighbourhoods for promoting the transmission of facts that have made their mark on urban memories and local history, organising events and debates in its Centre, ongoing training and cultural and artistic offers promoting national proposals and international projects based on memory as an intangible heritage. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during this, its eleventh edition.



Transductores is an inter-disciplinary platform that carries out research and mediation projects based on three areas: collective educational practices, collaborative artistic practices and forms of intervention in the public realm. It prepares collaborative, mediation and collective-research projects in cooperation with local-area networks. It was incorporated into iN RESiDENCE during this, its eleventh edition.


Presentation written in 2019