ZA! IN RESiDENCE at the School Menéndez y Pelayo


We begin a new journey and a new experience with Za!


What is music?
What is art?
What skills do we have?
What mark do I want to get to the end of the course?
What are we going to do in order to get this final mark?

Listening to the song 
Open debate 
Exhibition and viewing of Za!'s vinyls
Round of improvisation
A minute's music
Improvisation with rules

Directed improvisation work for small groups and the large group:

Pass the pendrive!
The idea is to make a compilation of music tracks proposed by the pupils. Each member brings an audio every week. Below is the tracklist:

Review of improvisation signs
Text-based improvisations
Rehearsals of the show in March


Gamelan workshop and visit Barcelona Music Museum:
The importance of coordination and synchronicity in our line of work leads us to visit the Music Museum. There, we are given a theoretical and practical class on the gamelan, an ensemble of instruments from Indonesia played by several people simultaneously. In our case, there are more than fifteen of us playing at the same time. Finally, we make a short visit to the museum.

Workshop to build a simple Befaco synthesiser:
In the school technology classroom, we do a workshop of three sessions led by Befaco. The workshop enables us to learn more about electronical sound production and build an instrument that is very popular today, a synthesiser. Following the instructions of the teachers from Befaco, the pupils all assemble and solder their own synthesisers.

Short performance at the school during “Cultural Week”:
We use the resources we have learned about over the academic year in a short performance of directed improvisation in the hall. The audience is made up of third and fourth year secondary pupils at the school.