Viviane Calvitti IN RESiDENCE at the School Barri Besòs

After so many hours in studios and on stage dancing, creating, researching, looking, exchanging steps and knowledge, turning your awareness inwards to what you are feeling, how you are feeling, how you are moving and why you are moving, you eventually become a dancer.

I am interested in focusing on the body as presence. Working on dance in order to discover how internal energy flows and how this transforms your presence.  I am interested in discovering the movement of every being/student and to take part in their transformation.

Through the science that is dance, we can communicate, think, feel and create, discovering the relationship between emotion and being.

Each new group presents a different challenge, because this depends on its composition and the relationship between its individuals. For this reason, although one works with the same premises, the same steps and the same materials, the results will always be different.

And then there is the stage.  Researching and discovering the differences that occur with each dancer when we are working in the studio-inward observation, and when we are having a stage experience-audience observation.


The processes and the work resulting from each residency are presented at the end of each edition. Here you will find the description, register and related documents.

Throughout the academic year, you can follow the creative processes on the IN RESiDENCY blogs.