Victoria Szpunberg IN RESiDENCE at the School Moisès Broggi

Whenever I start a theatrical project with people I don’t know and without a dramaturgy starting point or a script, the first thing I have to do is listen well when it comes to getting to know the group of participants. This, which seems something so simple is actually a challenge, it is connected with the ability to observe, seeking to avoid precipitous ideas or false prejudices. Playwrights have the habit of assembling stories, situations, characters, dramatic compositions, landscapes, metaphors... with everything that happens before our eyes. It is something I do constantly, I look for the dramaturgy signals; or I should say I find them - everywhere I look. What I would like to see is that these discoveries emerge from the group, from each unique individual and collective.

I’m especially interested in this process because it is nice to share an artistic space with a group of teenagers, to discover the different voices, movements, such as bodies, looks, references, emotions, words, their stories... From here, we will work together with the aim of writing a script, or a score of music for the stage.

My career as a playwright and director has led me to write theatrical texts as well as working in the world of dance. I don’t want to define the final stage form too early; we will find this out as we make progress in the shared experience.