IN RESiDENCE at the School Josep Comas i Solà


We invite you to follow the bicycle route around Barcelona to close “Mosaic”, the creation process made jointly with You can find us at different locations in urban spaces where we will perform juggling improvisations. The route starts at 12 noon at Arc de Triomf and there will be stops at Mercat del Born (12.45 p.m.) and parc de la Barceloneta (1.30 p.m.). “Mosaic” also has an active Instagram account@diamalaborsxyz, and further updates on the website  

The experience was very exciting. We began the route on bicycle in Clot and the group picked up family members and friends at different parts of the route. We were also joined by the juggler Josué Bolaños.

Our show took place on Saturday 5 June. The Diamà group gave performances in different parts of Barcelona. The students living in the neighbourhood met at 9.30 a.m. at the Trinitat Vella metro stop to go to the meeting point together (Guatemala, 9) where the bicycle rental company Barcelona à vélo is based, who would accompany us during the route from Arc del Triomf to parc de la Barceloneta.
Kitted out with bicycles and helmets and having found Dídac and Teresa and the La Central del Circ production, communication and mediation team, we pedalled off towards Arc de Triomf.


The first place where we displayed our art was at Arc de Triomf. We arrived and parked our bicycles together. Then we looked for a place in the shade. The place chosen was alongside passeig de Lluís Companys. We warmed up with the diabolo before starting the performance We began the performance at 12 noon. We were very nervous. There were a lot of people and it went well.

The second performance took place at Mercat del Born. We did the same: we parked the bicycles together, we warmed up for a little while and then performed. Once again it went quite well.

The third performance took place in Barceloneta. We went to the place where we would perform our final mosaic, but this performance was more “personal”.

Then we all went to a restaurant for dinner. For appetisers they served gazpacho, cheese salad, breaded calamari with patatas bravas, for the main dish I had spaghetti and for desert a fruit salad. We then left the restaurant and everybody said goodbye. 

We closed the activity with the dinner, but there were still a few things left to do: a diabolo workshop at the Trinitat Vella Civic Centre and a publication in international juggling magazine (planned for autumn 2021).