Tanit Plana IN RESiDENCE at the School Infanta Isabel d’Aragó



She graduated in Audiovisual Communications from the Pompeu Fabra University. 

Her research and artistic production projects have received the Fotopres’01 grant from Obra Social “La Caixa” 2001, the Descubrimientos Photoespaña 2002 award, Art for Change from Obra Social “la Caixa” 2012, the Leonardo grant from the BBVA Foundation 2016 and the Barcelona Award grant 2020, among others. 

The project PER SEMPRE, around the expiration of love and the idea of the bride, was produced and exhibited by Obra Social “la Caixa” in Palma de Mallorca, Lleida and Tarragona in 2010-11. 

The projects that come close to internet infrastructures, INFRARROJO CERCANO, ESCALA Y FRAGMENTO and THE WOODS OF CODE are exhibited at the retrospective ES LO QUE ES curated by Moritz Neumüller at the Sala Canal de Isabel II, produced by the Community of Madrid in 2018-19.

The project PUBER, which explores adolescence and its sociocultural practices from portraits of adolescents, has been commissioned and curated by Valentín Roma expressly for Virreina, Centre de la Imatge de Barcelona. October 2020 - February 2021.

PART is the first show directed by Tanit Plana produced by the Auditorium of Barcelona, the Department for Culture of the Generalitat Government of Catalonia and ICUB in which it researches the relationship between image and dance around birth as a political construction. With the choreographer and performer Candela Capitán. July 2021.

Her relationship with pedagogy of the image has been a constant in her career, she has worked in the Laboratory of Arts of Obra Social “la Caixa” (from 1999 to 2008), at the Centre of Arts Santa Mònica and with A Bao A Qu, as a creator and activities leader relating to photography and cinema. She has been a photography teacher at the Pompeu Fabra University (from 2011 to 2014) and is a photography projects tutor at IDEP (assigned to the University Abat Oliba) since the 2011-12 academic year.

She has works in the following collections, among other private ones: Landscape Museum of Catalonia. Olot, Girona, National Photography Collection, Generalitat Government of Catalonia, Archive and Memory Collection, Girona City Council, CA2M. Community of Madrid, FNAC. National Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ministry for Culture, France.

School Infanta Isabel d’Aragó


The Infanta Isabel took part in the first edition of iN RESiDENCE (2009-2010), resulting in the work Deu mil hores with Salvador Juanpere. His creation process enabled many of the elements that have become features of iN RESiDENCE to be set. The Infanta school returned in the fifth edition (2013-2014) with the creator Antònia del Río. And in the seventh edition (2015-2016), it hosted the creation process of Martí Anson. In this fourth participation, the Infanta Isabel takes part with a group of students from 4th ESO.


The Infanta Isabel d'Aragó began its trajectory in 1962 to educate the boys and girls of the working-class families who had settled in the neighbourhood, which had been cut off in the urban expansion of Barcelona towards the Besòs River. According to the pedagogue and scientist Angeleta Ferrer (Barcelona, 1904 - 1992), teacher and director of the centre in its first years of operation, the Infanta Isabel "has always been an internally vibrant centre, constantly renewing itself and with an unsurpassable desire to improve".


Students from 4th ESO
Angela Julieth Aldana González, Nassima Belarbi Nabti, Marina Crespillo Martínez, Nerea Eiros Martínez, Lucas Gálvez Vila, Alan Junior Heredia Araujo, Kevin Alberto Indjai Estupiñan, Oleksiy Korbutyak, Hugo López García, Lucía López Romero, Sandra Miras Ferran, Hasseb Nasir, Iulia Pavelescu, Alma Plantà Sancho, Caterina Pons Climent, Maria Pons García, Julia Ribeiro Camañes, Irene Rossi Arias, Júlia Ruiz Mestre, Lidia Sánchez Górriz. 

Esther Villanueva

Curator and coordination
A Bao A Qu

Barcelona Culture Institute
Barcelona Education Consortium