Sarah Anglada i Linn Johansson IN RESiDENCE at the School Pedralbes


Let's start with the word image. The external image and the internal image (in regard to fashion, virtual channels, television, visual arts, etc. and, at the other extreme, our inner capacity to imagine, resolve, think, reflect, etc.).



A photo as a means of capturing reality, something that comes before words. Like the body, which comes before words.

The true image. The image that reveals. The image that lies. The false image. The image that reflects and explains. The image that censors. The image that provokes. The image that reconciles.

The static photo and the living photo.

The photo that constructs and the photo that destroys.

The image and the fiction.

And as a counterpoint, the real body, the physical body. Movement and dance as a language.


Project proposal / approach:

Initially, we want to spend time getting to know the language of the body, of our bodies, from simple, individual patterns to patterns in pairs or in a group.

We want to develop something that always respects everyone's personal conditions, singularities and differences. We will always base our work on each person's possibilities and personal limitations.

We hope to raise people's awareness about their own bodies, other people's bodies, space and general observation, in order to work in a team and use our efforts as part of a group.

Inevitably, we are now in the era of the image, of visual invasion and bombardment, so we will use modern sources such as TikTok, videos, videoclips, etc., while also making use of old archives and channels, various historical and artistic sources of the language of visual communication, such as photos, magazines, catalogues, etc.

We want to provide tools for learning about the multiple opportunities that art offers for observing an image and being able to understand it from a wide range of perspectives.

The idea is to offer a place where students can question themselves in a personal sense, question their surroundings, the world and life, while obtaining tools that help them to know themselves better, respect each other and learn to be in favour of collective work. The importance of the individual in a group, in society.

Why do we move? Why do we change position? Where are we going? What reference point do we move from? What do we communicate? How do we communicate?

Based on this, we will always work using images / photos as the driving force, in order to explain an infinity of possibilities and use our imagination, fantasy, our bodies, to reach beyond the initial image.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”... Is this saying still valid in our era? ... We will ask ourselves questions, many questions, and go beyond our first interpretations.


The processes and the work resulting from each residency are presented at the end of each edition. Here you will find the description, register and related documents.

Throughout the academic year, you can follow the creative processes on the IN RESiDÈNCY blogs