Sarah Anglada i Linn Johansson IN RESiDENCE at the School Pedralbes

Sarah Anglada.
She has a Degree in Dramatic Art from Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre. Her interests and training in dance include ballet, flamenco, break dance, contortion and martial arts. She later centred her training on contemporary dance and Butoh, and she trained in France, Germany and Spain.

As a performer and creator, she currently works with her own company, Los Moñekos, while also working for other companies, including Mumusic Circus, Pere Faura, Mons Dansa, and the Últim Vals, as well as on dance and music improvisation projects. She has recently worked as a movement adviser, helping to create shows for companies such as Obskené, Joan Arqué, Les Bianchis, David Selvas and  Seon Company.

She has worked with the following dance companies: Senza Tempo, Nats Nus, Vero Cendoya Company, Mariantònia Oliver and with the body-puppet company The Bag Lady Theatre. In theatre, she has worked with Gustavo Guirado (Argentina) and Marta Betriu (Barcelona). In the world of circus, she has worked with Nilak, Improvisto’s Krusty Show, Circ Crec and Pallapupas.

She is a clown, she is eccentric and she loves the little things in life.

Biography written in 2020

Linn Johansson.
Linn Johansson has been a dancer, performer, contemporary-dance / physical training and improvisation teacher in Barcelona, Spain, since 2001. As a teacher, she offers classes aimed at both children and adults, amateurs and professionals. With ACIDH (Catalan Association for Human Integration and Development) she offers classes for people with intellectual disabilities.

She trained at Stockholm's Royal Ballet School, before continuing her studies in Paris, New York and Spain. She has had a long career, collaborating as a performer, and sometimes as assistant director or choreographer, with artists such as Torsten Flinck, Malin Hellquvist Selen and the MJD Company, Jessica Walker, Roseland Musical, Urano Films, Konic Theatre, Leo Castro, Andrés Waksman and Vero Cendoya, among others.

In 2019, she worked as assistant director with Andrés Waksman for In Residence at the Institut Barri Besòs.

She is currently active as a teacher, and is involved in creating a production with Natalia d’Annunzio and the. Vero Cendoya Company.

Biography written in 2020

School Pedralbes

Pedralbes is taking part in this new edition of IN RESiDENCE with a group of 4th-year compulsory secondary-education (ESO) students. The first time it took part in the programme was during its eleventh edition (2019-2020), with the creator Bea Fernández.

IES Pedralbes (Pedralbes, Les Corts) was founded in 2019, with the merger of two neighbouring secondary schools, Ausiàs March and Joan Boscà, which had taken part in the IN RESiDENCE programme on four occasions, with Nutcreatives, Mònica Roselló, Marc Larré and Misiondivina.

Presentació actualitzada el setembre del 2020


Students of 4t d’ESO
Maria Isabelle Abrigo Delatina, Elizabeth De Armas Lodeiro, Arnau Colominas Sans, Camila Colque Rojas, Lina Astrid Dalda Svärd, Aina Elola Boix, German Fernández Flores, Xènia Freixes Ferrer, Ainhoa Gainza Prados, Oksana Gómez Pi, Andrea Huertas Marin, Marta Jiménez Martín, Laia Llorens Guirao, Luna Loor Harrak, Helena Lozano Morote, Andrea Martín Larrubia, Eva Martínez Carbó, Carolina Moisseev, Martina Moliner Bassols, Carolina Oró Marqués, Zaray Pastor Carretero, Núria Pellicer Torrent, Emma Richart Pérez, Alejandro San Nicolás Pereiro, Ada Suárez Guerrero, Alina Tintoré Maluquer, Elies Vaccaro Julià and Bethsabet Azucena Villamar Vite. 

Oliva Briansó and Blanca Pérez-Portabella

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