Sara Manubens IN RESiDENCE at the School L’Alzina

TRANSTIOTEEN aims to bring trans feminist views and practices closer to the working group through the body, image and narration. The starting point are the horror films from the silent film period with the monstrous imaginary they develop. The artistic practice that I will share with the students is the production of horror films crossing over with the study of their hormonal intensities and their effects on the body.

I think about the construction of desire at this age and how their attention is constantly crossing this issue. I believe that in reality, that which is common to everyone, to them and to me, is that we are transitioning with hormones that manifest themselves in our bodies. In their case, for being  teenagers and in my case, for being  a transvestite on hormone therapy. In the carrying out of the transition (and therefore of the construction of desire, toward oneself, and towards others, as we do not transition alone) is very typical of adolescence. I think we have to work with the physical experience, movement and mutation, relationships and healing that they already have in their bodies. Encouraging this, making it the subject of work. Pointing to the heart of oneself while contracting the pelvic floor, I think this is adolescence.

Thus, with this project, I want to establish a dialogue between the horror film genre, the bodies / desires of the adolescents and hormonal transitions, both theirs and mine. My transition is part of the creation process, the teenagers will be witnesses to my physical changes, but I will also be a witness of theirs.

I have divided the project into three phases. An early phase of research with pupils on the horror film genre, the queer and trans feminist theory sessions, and the study of one’s own hormonal transitions. At the same time, we will develop physical practices aimed at warming up, opening their bodies, relaxation and attention, and first few notes of the creation. In a second phase, we will translate the discoveries to the body’s ground, generating prototypes of horror through the transfiguration of the body and its image, creating narratives of teenage horror. Similarly, we will develop the relationship through storytelling, special effects and audio-visual language. In a final phase, gathering together all the content, I contemplate the creation of the final result, recording the horror films and stage performance to present it.

The pedagogical and artistic objectives are to familiarise students with trans feminist thinking and empowering their own physical transitions, translating concepts that are part of their everyday life to the artistic, political and aesthetic field.