Robert Ferrer i Martorell IN RESiDENCE at the School Francisco de Goya

He was born in Valencia in 1978. He got a degree in Fine Art by the University of Valencia (UPV), where he also did some of his PhD research and a course on engraving and printing. He lived and worked for a while in Oporto and Palma de Mallorca.

He works with the concepts of precision, abstraction and chaos. His works of art are well-known for their elegance and plasticity, letting the audience approach from different points of view and perceptions.

He has made several solo exhibitions, including La Memòria de la llum at the gallery Imaginart in Barcelona (2010) or Terra, cicles en equilibri, at Vencill d’Art de l’Aula de Cultura CAM “La Llotgeta” in Valencia (2008). 

Among his group exhibitions, he has taken part in the International Fair of Contemporary Arts KIAF10, in collaboration with the gallery Imaginart, in Seoul, Korea (2010); XXXVI Premis Bancaixa de Pintura, Escultura i Art Digital held at the IVAM Centre Julio González, in Valencia (2009); Galería Ignacio de Lassaleta in Barcelona (2009); Fair ARCO, in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Valencia (UPV) in Madrid (2003).

His works of art are purchased by institutions and public collections like the Town Council of Calvia (Majorca), the Arts School of Soria, the faculty of Fine arts of the University of Porto (Portugal) or the public work “L’Horta, Terra Nostra” in Santiago de Cuba (Cuba).

Biography written in 2010

School Francisco de Goya

The school stands out particularly for its dynamic management of subjects, reflected in the many outings organised at most levels throughout the academic year: exchanges, visits to museums and cultural centres, trips to the snow and cultural routes. This is what persuaded us to take part, with our pupils, in the project “Artists in Residence at Barcelona Secondary Schools”. The eighteen pupils taking the optional subject Visual and Fine Art Education in the fourth year of ESO compulsory education are directly engaged in this project, whilst the thirty pupils in the fourth year of ESO A, who record the work of their companions and draft publications for the blog, also take part, though devoting fewer hours to the initiative.


Institut Francisco de Goya is a secondary school established in 1995. The centre opened following the closure of the primary school of the same name. Its activities began at the time of the entry into force of the reforms established in the LOGSE law governing the general reorganisation of the education system. Institut Francisco de Goya is located in the Guinardó neighbourhood in northeast Barcelona, in the heights of the area, bordering on the area known as Els Tres Turons (“The Three Hills”) and Guinardó Park.

Since it first opened, in successive waves, the centre has gradually reached its full capacity, enjoying great success in attracting pupils: twelve compulsory secondary education groups and four baccalaureate groups. The teaching staff is formed by forty-six teachers, most of them with permanent tenure at the school. The seven primary schools currently assigned to the centre are Àngels Garriga, Arc Iris, El Mar, Font d’en Fargas, Parc del Guinardó, Pit-roig and Torrent d’en Melis, three municipal schools and two from the former Collective of Schools for the Catalan Public School (CEPEC).

Institut Francisco de Goya focuses on developing personalised education in close contact with both pupils and families. In this respect, the guidance tutorship system, under which each teacher is tutor to ten or twelve pupils, and the organisation of stable teaching teams at each level, enable such close relationships to be established. sThe school has launched a strategic plan for autonomy aimed at improving educational results and social cohesion at the centre. Some of the current concerns at Institut Francisco de Goya include improving care for pupils with difficulties, coordinating the teaching staff at each different level, working on everything that has to do with reading and reading comprehension, the participation of pupils and parents in school life and management and the adaptation of tutorial activities with pupils.

Presentation written in 2010


Students 4th of ESO:
Júlia Aparicio Regué, Pau Aràjol Jové, Mireia Baza Tomé, Fernando Blanco García, Judit Bossa Mompín, Albert Calàvia Molinero, Miquel Casellas Sulé, Cèlia Castro Roca, John Alexis Chávez Molina, Marina Collado Klein, Arnau Cuervo López, Angélica Duque, Paula Erill Roig, Virginia Escudero, Alba García, Ainoa García García, Clara Giralt Miron, Marc Guallar García, Pau Llopis Campderrós, José Marín Julve, Lisandra Mateos Gusmerini, Max Meléndez Llorens, Júlia Mercader Bayle, Víctor Mundet Castro, Daniel Ortiz Mansilla, Mariona Patau Delor, Sarah Sheyla Pavon Miranda, Clara Prada, Marc Puig, Núria Ramón Camuñas, Irene Rey Abad, Marina Rico Sobrevals, Natàlia Benerice Rodríguez Abad, Júlia Rodriguez-Rubí, Paula Sánchez Lahoz and Marta Vallvé

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