Paulina Flores IN RESiDENCE at the School Infanta Isabel d’Aragó

One of the games that I liked most as a child was “Chinese whispers”, also called the “Telephone” game in some countries. The dynamics is more complex than one would think and contain elements or ideas which work with my profession as an adult: creativity with the words chosen, communication, memory and interpretation, Placing ‘Saying and Listening’ at the forefront. However, the game also allows for mistakes, and the importance of them, since one of the most fun things in the game lies in the fact that after going through a chain of ears, and different minds, I longed for the final revelation and hearing how the initial content of the message had changed. In my opinion, in art and literature, “misunderstandings” can be even richer, free and renovating the way something is interpreted.

I am also fascinated by the intimate gestures that accompany the transmission of the message: “murmuring” and the “hand-over-the-ear” position, which resembles listening to the sound of the sea in a shell or when we tell someone a secret.

Memory, misunderstandings and secrets make a beautiful coincidence which are brought together by both literature and the Chinese whisper game. For collective creation, I would like to reflect on these things through various proposals.