Patrícia Dauder IN RESiDENCE at the School Caterina Albert

Starting point

What is invisible?

Is it just what we don’t see or that doesn’t materially have much? Or can it be something we don’t pay attention to? Marginalisation, a person, a space?

Through this approach, I propose to start with something simple: carefully observe, listen and feel (with attention, time, without distractions) our environment, and without intermediaries, through our five senses. Normally we give priority to our sight. But, do we look properly? Calmly?

No need to go very far: the places we pass by every day, including our own spaces, they hide information, they contain “invisible” stories.

From a series of simple exercises and from observing the closest environment, school, the street, our home, ourselves, our friends, our family, etc., I propose tackling questions such as memory, trace and vacuum, which have being invisible in common.