Pato Mena IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola Trinitat Nova

During teenage years, the word future, with its good and bad, haunts us like never before, and an adult-centred society with its doors wide open ahead of us. Through different exercises in writing, illustration and the fusion of both disciplines, we will stop for a moment at this doorway and try to create awareness of what we consider to be ours in order to see how it affects what we are today and what we want to be. To look back, but as if at a mirror in front of us, to take a portrait of ourselves. Memories, words, objects, people, spaces and a gaze capable of unifying everything in stories of the here and now, connected to the present, in fiction, autofiction and autobiography.

This process of individual and collective creation begins with the idea of rescuing/cultivating the gaze of childhood and, through it, identifying the key elements in our identity that will accompany us in the development of our adult life.