Oriol Morales i Pujolar IN RESiDENCE at the School Barri Besòs

In my latest show, Com destruir una casa, for the first time I have used the techniques of documentary theatre and verbatim. This creative process has a lot to do with collectivity. On the one hand, because it requires a prior documentation phase that promotes cooperation and partnerships. On the other hand, because the results of these creative processes directly challenge our society.

The creation will start with a play that we will write together with the pupils of the Institut Barri Besòs. It will be a documentary theatre piece related, more broadly, with the concept of memory.

Memory is a cross-cutting theme that speaks of our place in the world, how we inhabit it, how we see ourselves in it and how we relate to others. Throughout my career, I have explored this subject from different points of view: historical memory, collective memory, individual memory, emotional memory, etc. Through the different shows I have created and which aimed to reflect on this concept, I have realised that it is very interesting to see what conception people have of memory according to the age of the speaker or the listener.  What is memory for a teenager? And for a group of teenagers? What does this word mean to them? How does it pass through them? Where does it place them? Throughout these months we will try to answer these questions to find out how this issue can challenge them.