Núria Inés IN RESiDENCE at the School Vall d’Hebron

Núria Inés and her alter ego Tinta Fina take advantage of expanded graphic narration as a relationship mechanism, to establish links with others. Starting here, she proposes initiating a similar process  with the children of the secondary school.

What could the expanded graphic narrative in the imaginary of a 4th-year student involve?

Maybe some games with graphology, incursions into comics, Anime “hacks” and Manga culture, “remixing” and constructing from the outline, the line and the text at the same time ... all this, as a reason to pour your perception of life onto paper, and at the same time generate specific opinions and an analysis of imaginaries (or meanings that move the sets of images from a specific context) in a “plot twist”.

At the moment, Núria Inés plays on generating experiences in a conscious way using the graphic and aesthetic strategies of the annotation, the comic or the graphic novel as a pretext to get involved in situations to transcribe the experience into. She seeks an experiential narrative full of opportunities to understand the ideas that build the imaginary of a place or situation, taking the mapping of this scenario as the first step to generate new alternatives ways of thinking.

The formal translation of this research, ranges from fanzines and votive offerings to performances which contain large-format drawings, conceptual maps, or drawing installations.

In summary: drawing to find out how others do it in order to see how they are getting on; how they occupy the space, how they manage their body and mind in this world; and, from all this discover what has value to try to put it into practice or to make it known.