Mariona Naudín IN RESiDENCE at the School Barri Besòs


A work by secondary pupils at IES Barri Besòs school with Mariona Naudín and the teachers Conxita Jiménez and Jordi Sánchez. Two hours every Thursday morning from October 2017 to June 2018. Carlos Díaz room, IES Barri Besòs secondary school.

Over the months that the IN RESIDENCE programme lasted, Mariona worked on different concepts and enabled the pupils to discover what means to produce a performance through the prism of the new dramatic languages. Mariona showed them that the theatre is emotion, feeling, it is asking questions about issues (whether existential or not) that worry us, that prevent us from sleeping. It is wondering what beauty is, what is missing from our lives, how we feel about death and so on.

She also showed them that the body, the voice, music and movement are vital elements in the theatre, even though they may not seem so at first.

The pupils learned that music activates the body and the feelings. That we need to listen to music, but also to feel it inside ourselves, and allow the body to react to what it transmits to us. Here, the work with Xuel Díaz was a revelation, as she taught them different breathing and relaxation techniques.

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VIP. Homenaje a Severiano Naudín [Homage to Severiano Naudín] – work and performance by Mariona Naudín

Soon after the pupils had starting working with Mariona, she invited the group to a performance she was giving at Casa Elizalde, on October 26, 2017. This was a work she had created in honour of her grandfather, Severiano Naudín. The young people were beginning to understand what it means to create a show and what kind of work their artist in residence was doing. At the end of the show, various students said to Jordi Sánchez "I want to do what Mariona did".

Community art project: La bellesa [Beauty]

On the morning of February 23, the pupils and teachers in Mariona Naudín’s class went to the Antic Teatre to see a matinee performance of La bellesa [Beauty] by the senior citizens’ group at Antic Teatre, a community art project led by Marta Galán.

Mariona’s group went to the theatre to see a show performed by a group of senior citizens who work with Marta Galán. This was their first contact with the theatre where they will perform a show at the end of the course.
The pupils stayed silent and paid careful attention throughout the show. At the end, they went on stage and invited the company performing La bellesa to see their own show in June.
Outside the Antic Teatre, some of the pupils said to their teacher (Jordi Sánchez) that the piece was very similar to what they were working on with Mariona.
The pupils had understood the essence of the work and the kind of artists that perform at the Antic Teatre venue.

A single performance was given, on June 10

The show: Lo que nos quita el sueño [What We Lose Sleep Over]