Mariona Naudín IN RESiDENCE at the School Barri Besòs

Mariona Naudin is a theatre performer, writer and director. Trained in Spain, Argentina and Germany, she holds a degree in Gesture Performance from Barcelona Theatre Institute. At present, she combines her work as an artist with Cultural Anthropology studies at the University of Barcelona.

She has worked for such choreographers and directors as Xavier Le Roy (Restrospectiva, de Xavier Le Roy. Fundació Tàpies 2012), Roger Bernat (Numax-Fagor-Plus, Internationales Bürgerbühnenfestival Theater Freiburg) and Arantxa Martínez (The Present, Tanz im August, Berlin), among others. She also pursues a solo career, her works including: VIP, homenaje a Severiano Naudin (Jury Prize at Festival 100º Berlin 2013, Hebbel am Ufer Theater), Una família balla (Festival TNT, 2015), Una família balla segona part (Antic Teatre, 2017) and Kopfkino (Festival Sâlmon, Festival Escena Poblenou 2016). She is a member of the group Mos Maiorum, contributing to the creation of the eponymous documentary show that was first performed to great acclaim at TNT 2016.

In 2016, Naudin, now a member of the ARTAS group, linked to the dance and art factory La Poderosa, was artist-in-residence at El Graner.

Her work is heterogeneous and embraces various languages: dance, documentary theatre, text, site-specific and so on. Moreover, her creations are inspired by disciplines in the social sphere, such as history and anthropology. Her key interest in her research revolves around the desire to find an ideal format for content, to invent and construct new devices that enable the stage materialisation of the prime need, content. In short, to find her own, appropriate way of presenting what we need to say to the world.

Biography written in 2017

School Barri Besòs

The Barri Besòs participates for the second time in RESIDENCIAL, and does it with a group of students of 2nd of ESO.


The Institut Barri Besòs has been gradually built up since 1977, with the joint work of parents, teachers, pupils, neighbours, administrations, organisations and institutions. This collaboration has given rise to a public educational centre rooted in the social environment where it is located, open to the neighbourhoods it serves, with a democratic and participatory functioning, which has sought to implement a quality educational approach which is sensitive to the compensatory treatment of social inequalities, and which seeks to promote scientific and technological education and the values of humanistic culture.

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Students 2nd of ESO:
Suhaila Benchikh Zahidi, Nerea Bueno Tejada, Darius Calin, Ana Cerillo Cano, Gabriel Cortés Clavería, Mª Carmen Esquitino Pérez, Joel Gutiérrez Paez, Abraham Martínez Amador, Alba de Lucía Miguel Bonilla, Sandra Rabadán Plaza, Wahab Sajid and Ali Raza Syed

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