Maria Arnal IN RESiDENCE at the School Milà i Fontanals


The actor and musician Marc Sempere centred his classes on watching videos and identifying the characteristic elements of the heritage culture of some of the group's students, because many have roots in Pakistan, Morocco, the Philippines, etc. He also spent some time doing breathing exercises with the group and demonstrating the importance of air when singing.


The classes were focused on practical work: starting from simple premises and working in groups, the pupils wrote short musical compositions and then performed them. In these compositions, it was important both to work on the melodies and harmonies and to include a particular instrument and write the lyrics. A successful example of these exercises was the composition of lyrics and variations based on the tune of the Pakistani song Tum Hi Ho.

During the central months of the residency, the classes were enriched by visits by people linked to Maria's career, including her singing teacher, Jasmin Martorell, and the producer of her latest album, David Soler, who taught the pupils how to use the looper, a pedal that records short audio fragments and reproduces them in a loop. Gradually, improvisations, conducted by Maria, were included, and the group explored the poetic work in greater depth.


Visit to the Teatre Tívoli
On March 3, we attended the concert to present Maria Arnal’s album at the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona, with a group of about ten pupils.

Concert at the school
A short performance for parents, pupils and teachers in the school auditorium during cultural week.

Workshop with Za!
Improvisation workshop with the band Za! at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory, in which the three classes involved in the choral presentation for Poetry Week all took part. The session was designed to bring these three classes together to forge links.