Lina Bautista IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola Trinitat Nova

My work focuses on sound and music relating to technology. I use various tools, such as synthesizers, computer code and other electronic tools to be able to create sounds that could not be made any other way. A starting point is to introduce students, perhaps through practical examples, to some of these open code tools that enable them to develop creative pieces.

In this sense, another idea is to go into detail on how we use technology and to critically reflect on this aspect, asking ourselves why we use the tools we use, and to what extent we know the tools we have. These reflections also lead us to work methodologies such as “do it yourself” and community work strategies, the “creative commons” and shared works.

Methodologies of:

  • DIY: do it yourself or let's do it together
  • Empowerment of technology, using Internet as a channel of learning and return to the community
  • Democratization of the information
  • Reflection on the tools
  • Use of open code applications and software
  • Drawing attention to and sharing the process

Reflection on:

  • Sharing: raising awareness of work tools and processes
  • Working in the community
  • Culture maker
  • Live performance
  • Live processes