Lina Bautista IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola Trinitat Nova

Lina Bautista studied musical composition in Bogotá, Colombia. She has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2010, where she finished her studies on composition and new technologies, interactive musical systems design and sound art. With her musical project Linalab, she has produced three albums and has performed on stages all over the world. She is currently the artistic director on the European project On-the-fly focused on live coding.

She is part of various collectives such as Toplap Barcelona, a resident at Hangar; Familiar DIY, with which she holds electronic instrument construction workshops; the music label Synth Vicious, and Sons de Barcelona, a group of artists that works to foster interest in sound technologies. She is the technical coordinator of Mediaestruch and lecturer for the Master’s degree in Sound Art of the UB and of the Fine Arts Sound workshop of the UOC.

School Escola Trinitat Nova

Third consecutive year of participation of the Trinitat Nova Secondary School in iN RESiDENCE. In the eleventh edition (2019-2020) it hosted Isamit Morales; and in the twelfth, Arnau Sala. Once again, a group of students from 3rd ESO are taking part. 


The Trinitat Nova Secondary School (La Trinitat Nova, Nou Barris) is formed as a place of education, community and creativity for La Trinitat Nova to help the community as it is and to offer a coherent and inclusive proposal in all its areas of action and where the students from the centre feel called upon and stars of proposals and spaces that interact with the district and the other children and teenagers who participate in these proposals.


Students from 3rd ESO
Umra Basharat, Aurora Díaz García, Josué Kaleb Escoto Castro, Juan Gracia Rojas, Laura Sofía Hernández Barbosa, Iman Maaroufi, Jordan Mendoza Escudero, Irene Nsue Monvora, Catiana Ortíz Fernández, Henry Alberto Palma Matute, Kelly Pillajo Jacome, Cristal Salazar Isaula, Kaylee Vergara Barreto. 

Carlos Junquera and Ariadna Gàlvez

Curator and coordination

Barcelona Culture Institute
Barcelona Education Consortium