Jorge Albuerne IN RESiDENCE at the School Martí Pous

First contact with the works of Jorge Albuerne

The first session of the IN RESIDENCE project at Institut Martí Pous was the presentation of the artist Jorge Albuerne to the group of Year 10 students at the school.

During this first contact, we spoke about the artistic biography of Jorge by showing videos of the most representative works of his career. We also read an interview which we found very interesting, about the concept of creation, which perfectly reflected the artist’s way of thinking.

About the work

During the first sessions, Jorge focused on a work involving bodily presence and movement to establish a dialogue with the students through the knowledge of their own bodies. The first exercise was to ask the students to draw their own body and identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses that they would like to highlight. The result was the creation of a physical map representing the emotions and insecurities during his first day of class.

Sessions at Fabra i Coats

Throughout the entire process we scheduled several sessions in the classrooms at Fabra i Coats: Fàbrica de Creació. Taking the students outside of their everyday environment helped them to better understand the project, which generated other types of behaviour that broke down the role established between teacher and student.

Working in a specific classroom and within a professional context enabled them to tackle the creation from a more inspirational perspective and with much more freedom. Generally speaking,they were better able to concentrate and this enabled them to go deeper into the development of the creation process. 

Field trip 1_ Circ Raluy

The circus is one of the easiest disciplines through which to introduce students to performing arts, as it involves a variety of acts and a sense of humour.

The purpose of this field trip was to become more familiar with the work of Jorge Albuerne as an actor in the “All Crazy” show presented by Circ Raluy Legacy.

Field trip 2_ Visit to the MACBA Museum

Jorge Albuerne is an artist who works in various disciplines, he has a degree in Fine Arts, and he has trained as an actor and dancer and has specialised in the devil stick. In his work as a creator, he uses drawing, painting and arts and crafts. We thought it would be a great opportunity to visit the MACBA to see the Tony Cokes exhibition (music, text and politics) and the Fina Miralles exhibition (the artist that broke from the academic proposals taught at the art schools during the Francoist period and the established forms of behaviour). These two exhibitions created a spirited debate with the students about art and its function.

Mash-up session

The mash-up session is always a milestone worth mentioning. For the first time, the students will have the experience of showing part of the material they have worked on during the first stage of the project in front of an audience. 

Through the gaze of the observer and the fact of being observed, the material selected for the display will take on meaning.

Simply by sharing, the student has the opportunity to experience a stage event and defend what they have previously worked on through actions and words.

Field trip 3_ La Quinzena Metropolitana (Fabra i Coats)

Making the most of the proposal by DQM (Dansa Quinzena Metropolitana [Metropolitan Dance Fortnight]) to create a specific session so that the schools can see the work “Artifices and Leopards” by the artist Mercedes Pedroche, with an after show event for reflection, we once again head off to Fabra i Coats: Fàbrica de Creació. On this occasion, we offer students from the Institut Martí Pous a vision of a live stage performance that is completely different to anything shown on videos during the course. 

Working in the street

Right from the start, Jorge Albuerne showed a willingness to work outside the school’s buildings. For him, the building, the architecture, the walls, the straight lines...  the environment in which students learn (the school) determines the way they are, see, feel and share about life. Conquering the public space meant breaking with the formalities and everyday behaviour causing a reflection about the right to empowerment, protesting and defending what we think is our right. 

Presentation of Gest(O)

The presentation of Gest(O) was combined with “Dreaming in loops and adventures” by Mans O at Institut Escola El Til·ler, taking advantage of a series of territorial coincidences at the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory.

The result was a joint experience that enriched both projects, as they both shared a specific space and time for the preparations and also for the public presentation with a debate for reflection.

We recap with a final session

The closing session consisted of a review of all the activities that had been carried out during the course since the beginning until the final presentation, to be fully aware of everything that had been experienced between the students and Jorge Albuerne.