Isamit Morales IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola Trinitat Nova

Isamit Morales (Caracas, 1982) is a visual artist, researcher and DJ. She received part of her artistic training in Milan. She has recently been studying the Independent Studies Programme (PEI) at the Macba in Barcelona. Her research explores the notion, the construction and representation of identities, articulating (and breaking down) the ways in which this concept is composed, through experimentation with sound materials. Since 2016, she has included a DJ set into her artistic practice, a format that enables her to explore the narrative aspect of musical pieces and genres.

In late 2017, she founded “iii”, together with the researcher and DJ Ikram Bouloum Sakkali. “iii” is a DJ set and a political space where the theory and practice of sound are combined and showcased in festivals and concerts, with the aim of overcoming identity expectations. “iii” is a resident artistic project at the Hangar in Barcelona and has a radio slot in dublab. Since 2018, “iii” has been part of the Zen55 group, a circle that arose from the need to generate a more inclusive and open club initiative in Barcelona. In late 2018, Isamit Morales founded the Sin Sync DJ school, a theoretical and practical workshop that reviews and shares the basic principles of DJing, offering a less orthodox perspective on technical and technological ideas, structured around hegemonic masculine principles, with the aim of rethinking and expanding on technical ideas for languages.

Morales has had exhibitions in Iaspis (Stockholm), La Maison Rouge (Paris), Marianne Boesky (New York), Pulse Contemporary Art Fair (Miami), Start Point Prize (Prague), Associazione Barriera (Turin), Château de Montmaur (Gap), the Alejandro Otero Museum (Caracas), Artissima Art Fair (Turin), Parco d’Arte Vivente PAV (Turin), Lucie Fontaine (Milan), Marsellerie (Milan), Macba (Barcelona) and CA2M (Móstoles). She has presented her DJ set at the Zuma Festival (Milan), Bunker Sonidero (Torí), Wide Radio Live Streaming (Santiago de Chile), the Capella del Macba (Barcelona), Ladyfest (Barcelona), Sprint Party (Milan), CONTAGIÓS (Barcelona), Anomia (Barcelona) and Polivalentes 2017 (Barcelona). With “iii”, she has taken part in the Lapsus Festival (Barcelona), AvantOff (Barcelona) and Jazz is Dead (Turin), among others.

 Presentation updated in September 2019

School Escola Trinitat Nova

This is the first time that the Institut Escola Trinitat (La Trinitat Nova, Nou Barris) is taking part in the IN RESiDENCE programme, with a group of 3rd year ESO students.  


The Institut Escola Trinitat Nova is a global educational project that is set up as a single educational centre (0-16 years) within the framework of wider socio-educational facilities and initiatives in the Trinitat Nova neighbourhood. The ieTN's approach links educational action to community action, as it is difficult for them to make complete sense if they are separate, and the more they are aligned, the more useful and interesting they become.


Presentation updated in September 2023


Students 4th of ESO
Venniza Aslam Fazil, Ainhoa Amador Denia, Mercy Pamela Ordóñez, Rim Abdel karim El Hatar, Leticia Koppe Mattos, Wadis Jael Ferreras Pérez, Genesis Pamela Quintanilla Amador, Hillary Carolina Tabora Morales, Naiara Sánchez Pinto, Lourdes Beatriz Melgar Moisan, Arthur Jacob Ramos, Eythan  Majías Mola, Claudia Delgado Martínez, Max Sebastian, Derek Banderas Sanclemente, Lamine Barry and José  Núñez Serrano

Ester Delgado and Ariadna Galvez

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