Francesc Torres IN RESiDENCE at the School Lluís Domènech i Montaner

Com marcar el món [How to Mark the World]

Com marcar el món [How to Mark the World]

The installation was presented in the auditorium at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation at 7 pm on May 22. The event was attended by the pupils' families, schoolmates and teachers, as well as by people from the world of culture and representatives from ICUB and Barcelona Education Consortium.

All the participating pupils introduced themselves in pairs and explained part of the creative process. Francesc Torres closed the presentation along with the school head.

There follows the full text of the pupils' presentation:


We are Andrea and Patricia, pupils in the third year at secondary school. We would like to present our exhibition, which is the result of a different, practical, new optional subject. Most of us chose it because it seemed interesting and we were curious to find out what it was like. Agnès also gave a stimulating description of the course in class. After her explanation we were even more interested because she told us about an artist that we would work and create a project, a creative artist that we did not know at the time, someone we had never heard of.

Apart from all that, the course gave us the chance to express ourselves freely and it seemed that we would do different things from other subjects, without books or pencils, outside the classroom, working in groups and sometimes on foot. We could not imagine what the project would be like -perhaps an activity like the ones we do in art- and we never thought that our work would be shown in this exhibition.

We did lots of different activities in this project, such as painting with paint and sprays, working with clay, going on outings to museums, taking photos, leave our mark with hands in negative and positive, creating a blog, writing poetry and much more, all different from each other. All this, in one-hour classes on Mondays and two-hour sessions on Fridays with Francesc. The Friday sessions were definitely the best, much more fun and enjoyable. I really enjoyed taking photos; I took the photos of Francesc and we also had a session of taking selfies. We did a huge variety of things, sometimes trips to museums, other times creating things class from different materials. What I enjoyed most was painting my selfie, because it was my own idea with a little help from Francesc. The Monday classes were often devoted to thinking about what we had done the previous Friday, and I found that a bit boring."


Our names are Henar and Petya. At the beginning of the school year, when we started this project, we did not understand what was the use of so many activities that had nothing in common with each other. They told us about cave painting as related to Antoni Tàpies, then we put all our memories in a box, then we made clay figures, mural paintings and selfies, and finally there was the blog, on which we expressed everything we thought and everything we did over those months. It was difficult for us to see that such different activities could be related, but little by little we formed a more global view of the project.

Right from the start we thought about the blog as a record and a joint reflection on the activities we did at each session. Looking through the blog, you can find out about our trips to different museums, see the murals of our hands, some giant selfies, even our trip around neighbourhood to mark different places with clay and many, many more of the creations that you can see in this exhibition. You'll also find the soundtrack, which was made by me. On the school website is a direct link to the Artists IN RESIDENCE blog. This enables all users to view and assess our work by leaving their comments.

We think that we gained a lot from doing this subject. One reason is that it has helped us to understand better what art is, particularly the relation between modern and prehistoric art. Also, the classes with Francesc were lively, practical and fun.”