Eulàlia Garcia Valls IN RESiDENCE at the School Antaviana

Introduction and presention of the question: sound

The first sessions began with questions about sound and silence. And also about feeling and listening... It was presented with reflections on the fact that sounds are not taken into account when we speak of what ‘there is’ in a space, when in fact they play a decisive role and are often very present. The preponderance of the visual is also significant in relation to sound.

Field trip to listen, field trip to record

The first field trip was to listen to sounds. It was an field trip to Torre del Baró, during which we passed through very well known areas but discovering them- from a totally new angle: through listening and paying attention to sound. At the end of the session we reflected on the great discovery that this journey had meant. After a few days, we did the same route to record some sounds, with recorders and headphones. The field trip enabled us to record the sounds we had identified, but also to search for new ones or even create them. These field trips to make recordings were firstly done in the neighbourhood and then within the school.

Listen and describe!

After the recording sessions, there were sessions for downloading and organising the files. Also for listening and reflection. The notebooks are the space for the written reflections.

Prepare the teachers session with the material generated

After creating a good archive of recordings, it was decided to create a sound tour for the school in which those attending could pass through different points. At each point, they could listen to some sounds, make comments on them and finally write down feelings, associated words and other thoughts. All the teachers at the centre and also the students visited, in groups.

Other ways: drawing and a visit to Hangar

Two very different sessions were organised to link sound with the visual, given that up until that moment a lot of emphasis has been placed on displacing the visual. An initial session was held to listen to sounds which were drawn and traced on large sheets of paper. A second session at Hanger where, when getting to know and visiting the different creation spaces, a workshop was held with Arnau Sala. The workshop linked the drawing with the sound waves and the distortions that can be applied to sound when being edited.

Conceive a route, new recording equipment and a collaborator

The double meaning of the verb ‘sentir’ in Catalan (meaning both ‘to hear’ and 'to feel’) will be the focal point of the final proposal. Creating a sound route to propose to the visitor and have them ‘hear/feel’ sounds and also sensations that the group of students associate with their school. Therefore, a series of sessions were held to conceive and arrange those different sound environments and then collaborate with the sound technician Adrià Martí Comas. Using the sketch of Area 2 of the Galeria Àngels Barcelona (where the final project would be presented) the sequencing of the sounds is designed. There were several short recording sessions to complement sounds that were missing along the conceived route.

Assembly and installation

The week prior to the presentation is dedicated to setting up the entire sound installation. Using the sketches made by Eulàlia Garcia Valls and Arnau Martí Comas, the group of students make their comments, modifications and modulations. With the layout of the space completed, the speakers and new recorders are properly set up in the room to record the sounds on the days that the installation is open to the public.