Escarlata Circus IN RESiDENCE at the School Joan Salvat-Papasseit

L@s Chul@s fan el seu circ [L@s Chul@s make their circus]


Collective artistic creativity has two parallel and interrelated goals: firstly, artistic creation and; secondly to strengthen the bonds that bring the group together. In this process, the goal changes from production to process and from authorship to collaboration. Accordingly, the end result is not as important as it is to generate a common language and a common narrative. To involve all players, it is important to focus on listening to their interests, concerns, needs and ties. Firstly, to give cohesion to the group, a circus company, L@s Chul@s, was established and, secondly, a creative process was proposed, suggested by the local environment, Barceloneta beach. The Dadaist cut-up technique was used to analyse, include and translate their impressions of the environment into physical and circus languages. Finally, bringing together all their learning and thoughts, the group produced a show illustrating their creative process.

The show
A selection was made of circus elements, actions and timing. Thought focused on the scene of the performance, costumes and relations with the audience. Finally, the roles and duties involved in creating the show were given out.
The show comprised two parts, the first devoted to presenting the techniques learned, the second to showing a film featuring thoughts about the process.