Escarlata Circus IN RESiDENCE at the School Joan Salvat-Papasseit


La Central del Circ (“Circus Central”) works intensely to make the performing arts, art, as they are often dismissed as a traditional, folklore imaginary that stigmatises and pigeon-holes them. The circus arts, which are in constant transformation, drink from ground-breaking and inclusive artistic movements that meditate on social, ethical and aesthetic functions. Like any art, the creative quality of the circus allows us not only to reflect on our nearest surroundings and its wishes and needs, but also to propose alternative responses through the body, movement and the stage. For this reason, much of the creative process with Escarlata Circus required us to discover this performing art at close-hand in order to understand different visions and poetics of the circus. Several trips were made over the course of the academic year:

Visit to the Rogelio Rivel Circus School
“I loved watching people learning things”.

Visit to the Historic Raluy Circus
“We took a guided tour with the clown and learned what a traditional travelling circus is like on the inside. Jordi told the clown what a cut-up is – a Dadaistic technique for writing texts that L@s Chulo@s use. Alba stood up to applaud the last number, she was really excited. We ate popcorn and we spent the night together”.

Attendance at a performance of Bèsties by the Baró d'Evel Cirk circus company
 “It is a show with different animals, horses and birds to be precise. It was the first show with animals that I had ever seen, and I found it very unusual”.

Visit to Ateneu Popular 9 Barris: rehearsals by the team at the fortieth Circ d’Hivern winter circus festival, directed by Los Corderos, and attendance of a performance of the finished work Sosterrani còsmic.
“It was great to see the rehearsals and then the show. This was a fascinating way of understanding the creative process behind a production. They talked a lot and performed a really surprising, cosmic story”.

Visit to La Central del Circ: visit and rehearsals by the Voël and Madame Gaüc companies.
Both companies introduced the pupils to their world, inviting them to take part in creative games and to watch their rehearsals, exchanging impressions and experiences. 


The contemporary circus revolves around timeless circus arts such as juggling, acrobatics and aerial numbers, but applies new forms of dramaturgy that are expressed by the body, movement, the relation to others and space. This initial technical basis can be used to generate creative new ways of understanding the circus as a contemporary phenomenon. At the sessions, the group explored the body, movement and presence, listening to others and space, and learning circus techniques (juggling, acrobatics, aerial silks and trapeze).