David Climent IN RESiDENCE at the School Salvador Espriu

Team, companionship, trust
Creation as a vehicle for life
What worries students, what moves them
Open behaviours and broaden perspective
The students must make an effort to find the topics they want to talk about
Initiative as an element of creation
Creation as a subjective object
Obsessions as creative materials
The performing arts as a container for all arts
Ambiguity as research for the diversity of readings
Every student has their own voice. How can we give space to these differences?
Art does not always make us feel comfortable
Rhythm, walking, directions, space, filling holes
How does the practice affect me?
We must be able to generate a joint energy to form a team, to be a company
Improvisation, choreography, training
Strengthen the group to fine tune collective listening
The group inhibits individuals but provides strength
The difference within a group
From the individual to the group
List of wishes and concerns, small things and big thingsç
Based on that, what I think of the abstraction of movement
Chairs as a compositional space
The sound space as a choreographic structure
Everything that happens outside feeds what happens inside

First sessions (30 September, 7/8 October)

David dedicated the first sessions to talking to each one of the students in private in order to have some one-to-one time to get to know them a little better. This beginning was to be a key aspect of the process, as a great deal of content was generated from the recording of the interviews which will later become the sound space of the work. Furthermore, it allowed David to become closer to the youngsters in a manner which would not have been possible in the context of a group.

Visit to the Design Museum (21/10/2021)

During the period allocated to the sessions, they saw the Clara Nubiola exhibition at the Design Museum, an exhibition resulting from the initial process of the previous year. Clara guided us together with the students of the building from this year and who also participated in the previous residence, placing the focus on not judging, looking, listening, just going with the flow, etc., that would help us form links with the process that we were starting. It was wonderful for the artists to share their processes in person and to be able to generate a shared learning experience before the beginning of a process when you do not know what direction it will take. It was a very stimulating experience for everyone. We were very lucky that Clara Nubiola came to see the general rehearsal of the proposal at the Mercat; it was like closing a circle and she and David were able to exchange their opinions of the experience.

Working in the classroom with Clàudia Solwat (25 November and 10 December)

Clàudia Solwat, choreographer and dancer, led the sessions. There were two very dynamic sessions where the change allowed the group to find other ways of looking at the body and the creative work from a movement perspective.

Link with the teaching staff (term one)

During some of the work sessions of the first term, other teachers from the school were present who participated in David’s proposed game. This crossover allowed for other synergies to be generated and the whole process at an embryonic stage.

Field trip to the Mercat de les Flors (04/02/2021)

Discussion session covering different scenes from the work Requiem by Pere Faura. It was the first time that the students had been to the Mercat to see a play and it was a very good experience, as we are able to see the PB room where they close the IN RESIDENCE process at the end of the course. Both students and teachers left feeling overwhelmed by the theatre, as it really was a strong point for tying together all the aspects of the work that David was doing in the classroom and for generating a conversation about contemporary stage creation. 

Mash-up session (22/02/2021)

This was an online session with the Year 11 teaching team and Elisa Bernal and Anna Pantinat, both from the Education Consortium. As a team, we were able to share with the other teachers how the process had been developed, the difficulties that we had come across as well as the progress made. Three students from the process joined us and they declared their commitment to the project and also the change in attitude that they had experienced towards David and his proposal. They had some very nice things to say, making it clear that there were things that they were gradually coming to understand. 

Rehearsals at the Mercat (10 and 17 March)

Rehearsals in the PB room where the end of course presentation would be held. The sessions were a great opportunity for us to get used to a professional stage, which gave the group more presence and more commitment to the project.

Quinzena Metropolitana de Dansa (11/03/2021)

We attended a presentation by Laly Ayguadé within the framework of the Quinzena Metropolitana de Dansa. Both our group, as well as another two schools that were doing In Residence processes with the Central del Circ met at the Fort Pienc CC to attend a conference at which Laly spoke about her background and the creation process for the work Hidden (https://www.tnc.cat/ca/hidden) that opened at the National Theatre of Catalonia, as part of the festival. We were able to see some excerpts of the piece on video, some variations of the movement live and also open a space for dialogue between the youngsters and the artist moderated by the Quinzena team.

Field trip to the National Theatre of Catalonia (02/04/2021)

We went to see the play “Heroines are nothing” at the TNC, directed by Ivan Morales and David Climent (https://www.tnc.cat/ca/heroines-o-res), the play aimed particularly at young people which touched on and resonated with the process that we are working on with David, and they were also able to see him as a creator beyond IN RESIDENCE. The educational department of TNC awarded us a grant for the link with the artist, as our school is very close to the theatre. We were also accompanied by Azahara, from the Casal de Joves [youth centre] promotional team where we were carrying out our sessions. It was a very good opportunity to combine the links beyond IN RESIDENCE between the youth centre, school and theatre.

Presentation at Mercat de les Flors (5/6 May)

We gave two presentations, one in the afternoon for families and another one in the morning for two groups from the school (one from Year 8 and another from Year 11). The two events went very well, as well as the conversations that were proposed afterwards and which gave the students the opportunity to share aspects about the process and their experience. The showing with the families was a great success and showed the very strong support for the youngsters. The two showings were attended by various teachers from the centre and generally the impact was very positive. During the presentations, the youngsters made the stage their own by making good decisions and defending the work that they had done throughout the year.

Close at the Youth Centre (19/05/2021)

After letting the opening show sink in, we met back at the Youth Centre, made a circle and spoke and shared impressions in a relaxed, attentive and respectful manner. In fact, the whole experience had affected them, but to different degrees, but as a group they had evolved, and many of the things that David had been sharing with them during the course were present. It was a good close, both adequate and generous.