Cristina Checa IN RESiDENCE at the School Martí Pous

“Futurs imaginaris” [Imaginary futures]

“Futurs imaginaris” [Imaginary futures]
“Futurs imaginaris” is an installation and music project that invites reflection on possible future contexts arising from the climate and ecological crisis. With regard to the installation, the work takes the form of a construction made out of recycled elements (cardboard boxes, bottles and so on) which project two possibles future situations: a world without humans, where exuberant plants take over the spaces formerly inhabited by people, and a world inhabited by humans but full of polluting elements.

The installation also features two screens displaying images created by students and, hanging from one of the sides, photographs with the aesthetic of Instagram stories. These images evoke the dystopias that the exhibition considers. There are also headphones we can use for listening to the students’ musical creations, composed and recorded at these very premises.


(4 June 2019, Institut Martí Pous)

“Futurs imaginaris” was presented on 4 June in one of the spaces on the ground floor of the new Institut Martí i Pous building, which had opened a few months earlier. The presentation consisted of an explanation from students of the entire process and concept of the installation, as well as a concert featuring music compositions created by students to evoke their imaginary futures. The electronic-sound creations had been created by using various intuitive-composition programmes, such as Sonic Pi and Garageband. After the presentation, those attending it, basically the students’ parents and other family members, were able to see the full exhibition from up close “Futurs imaginaris” remained open to the public for ten days after the presentation.