Cristina Checa IN RESiDENCE at the School Martí Pous

Cristina Checa holds a degree in Technical Telecoms Engineering and a postgraduate qualification in Global Music Management and works at the intersection between music, creativity and technology. As a result of her interest in learning new things, she has worked in television, taught technology and music courses for children (Mobile Week BCN, Universitat Jaume I), collaborated on the project “The role of artists in the revolution of artificial intelligence”, together with Google Magenta during Sónar+D, performed cultural management and musical consultancy tasks and developed the “Maker Relations” in the last edition of the Maker Faire Barcelona, among other activities.

She is a singer and producer with the Desert musical duo, with which she has so far released Camins/Desert (2013), Envalira (2014) and Sense likes (2017) and, having presented her work in cultural spaces (such as La Casa Encendida and La Pedrera) and festivals (including Sónar, FIB and SXSW), she regularly composes music for the audiovisual sector (Telefònica, Barcelona Design Week, Vogue, etc.), makes trailers for videogames and collaborates with companies in the technology sector. She has also recently participated in the field of music therapy and the psychology of music.

Biography made in 2018

School Martí Pous

It is participating for the first time in IN RESiDENCE, with a group of pupils in the second year of compulsory secondary education. 


The Martí Pous Secondary School was created in 2017 and is part of the group of cultural and education facilities located in the Fabra i Coats complex. Its vicinity with the Creation Factory, the Art Centre, the Ateneu L’Harmonia, the Ignasi Iglésias - Can Fabra Library, the Musicians’ Workshop and CRAB – Centre of Artistic Resources of Barcelona, among others, contributes to recognising the aspect of this school as a centre of cultural production, together with La Filadora Nursery School, Can Fabra Primary School, and La Sagrera Sant Andreu and Vapor del Fil Secondary Schools.

Presentation updated in September 2021


Students (2nd ESO)
Pol Cánovas Martorell, Paula Carballo Sedano, Gemma Carretero Rodrigo, Ian Domènech Chamorro, Souhaib El Cadi Touil, David Medina Mas, Sergi Ramos Palomino, Adrià Roig Ferro, Àlex Corbal Navarro, Cristina Mantoloan Valls, Anna Miquel Morales, Sergi Ustrell Casas, Sheila Bernat Rubio, Marina Campamar Manzanares, Mario Cervila Ventura, Dasha Dalmau Dos Anjos, Oriol Moreno Fuentes, Tana Roig, Arnau Serrano Suils and Laura Martínez

Berta Baliu 

Curation and coordination

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona

Residence tied at Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació