Cristina Celada IN RESiDENCE at the School Martí Pous

Cristina Celada (Madrid, 1975)

I like to say that I do things on stage, in other words, I do various jobs: I write, I direct, I act, I hold workshops, etc., I co-exist, I cook, I share, I travel by bike, I pay my taxes, I look after a little garden and I try to sleep 7 hours every night.

I was born and bred in Madrid where I did my university studies in Education at the same time as I trained in dramatic arts, stage movement, clown art and dubbing.

I arrived in Barcelona in 2005, where I make my own theatre activity, combining more contemporary creations with café theatre and cabaret shows.

I am interested in blurring the lines that define what we call theatrics, which elements are necessary for something to be theatrical, which can we do without? I also work around the idea of mixing high and low culture, pop and critical thinking, cabaret and contemporary languages on stage. I am fascinated with what happens live, performances at close range. And breaking through the stage, taking theatre out of the theatre hall.

I have worked with collectives I admire, among them, El Conde de Torrefiel (La chica de la agencia de viajes nos dijo que había piscina en el apartamento) and Cris Blanco (Bad Translation).

I also run my own company, El Pollo Campero comidas para llevar, with which I choose the people I like to work with. To date we have presented three shows:  Sekvantaro: piezas codependientes de duración relativa en las que las actrices intentarán no hacer teatro 2013, (Escena Abierta, Burgos; Festival Grec, Barcelona, Cenit, Seville, among others). Las actrices siempre mienten, 2016,  (Festival Sâlmon, Barcelona; Tabakalera, Donosti; Cena Cumplicidades, Recife, Brazil; La Casa Encendida, Madrid, etc.). And  Parecer Felices, 2018, (Festival TNT, Terrassa; Festival Sâlmon, Barcelona, etc.).

I like that my work takes me on trips to other lives, puts me in a place taking something to share, I think it is the best way to get to know places and people.

Since 2014, I have been a part of the Leer es Sexy collective, which creates audio-visual and theatre pieces from a mixture of critical thought and pop culture. We also work in a workshop format, accompanying groups who want a good time.

I have been part of the collective of artists associated with MacBa since 2017, where we have put on the exhibitions of Joan Brossa, Jaume Plensa, Charlotte Posenenske and Arte de Acción.

Between 2016 and 2020, I was part of ARTAS, associated artists of La Poderosa, and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with them again, now on this annual project, iN RESiDENCE.


Presentation updated in September 2021

School Martí Pous

This is the third time the Martí Pous school has participated in iN RESiDENCE. In the tenth edition (2018-2019) it hosted the residence of Cristina Checa and in the twelfth (2020-2021), the creation process of Jorge Albuerne.


The Martí Pous Secondary School was created in 2017 and is part of the cultural and educational facilities located within the Fabra i Coats enclosure. The neighbourhood containing the Creation Factory, the Art Centre, the Harmonia Athenaeum, the Ignasi Iglésias Library - Can Fabra, the Musicians Workshop and the Barcelona Artistic Resources Centre (CRAB in its Catalan acronym), among others, contributes to assert the dimension of this secondary school as a centre of cultural production, together with the La Filadora Nursery School, the Can Fabra Primary School and the Vapor del Fil Secondary School.

Presentation updated in September 2022


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