Antonio R. Montesinos IN RESiDENCE at the School Costa i Llobera

Res:c:ty. La ciutat als nostres peus [Res:c:ty: the city at our feet]

Res:c:ty. La ciutat als nostres peus [Res:c:ty: the city at our feet]
Installation with different materials

Description of the work
A large installation placed on the ground at the Dipòsit del Rei Martí, or Cistern of King Martin. A central part reproduces the city in pieces of pottery, wood, metal, cartons etc. Beside the city are various texts and parts from the process that help the viewer to understand the work and the creative process: a plan of the city, the laws that regulate the city and an audio with stories about people who inhabit this imagined city.

At 6.30 pm on May 31, the participating pupils, accompanied by the artist and the teachers, presented the work at the Cistern of King Martin. They described the creative process and the various elements that form the installation. Previously, the councillor for Sarrià - Sant Gervasi District had opened the event, welcoming all those in attendance.

The presentation was attended by pupils, families and teachers from the school, as well as representatives from Barcelona Education Consortium and Barcelona City Council Institute of Culture.