Feb 8

The IN RESIDENCE ‘contamination’ sessions begin

Artists, students and teachers open up their creation projects at secondary schools.

February starts with some new features in IN RESIDENCE. After the first few months of work and research conducted by the students at the educational centres along with the artists, the draft version of the creation processes is shared at the ‘contamination’ sessions, whilst they are still in their early stages.

The protagonists pool together to show the state of their creation processes and share them with the teaching staff and classmates at their secondary schools. The ’contamination’ session is a live, practical presentation giving the students a platform to speak from.

The first ones to do this have been the secondary schools: Institut Jaume Balmes and Cos Col·lectiu; Institut Escola Trinitat Nova and Lina Bautista; Institut Verdaguer and Natalia Domínguez; Institut Escola Eixample and David Franch; Institut Teresa Pàmies and Roger Serret i Ricou; Institut Narcís Monturiol and Jordi Lafon; Institut Caterina Albert and Patrícia Dauder; Institut Doctor Puigvert and Gerda Kochanska and Institut Salvador Espriu and Matilde Amigo. The next secondary schools will be Institut Martí Pous and Cristina Celada; Institut Joan Fuster and Raquel Cors and Carlota Grau; Institut Josep Comas i Solà and Ileana Ortega; Institut Escola Rec Comtal and Mónica Rikić; Institut Vapor del Fil and Martí Madaula; Institut Bernat Metge and David Espinosa; Institut Escola Turó de Roquetes and Sonia Gómez; Institut Poeta Maragall and Sitesize; Institut Moisès Broggi and Marc Vives. The ´contamination’ sessions will conclude with Institut Infanta Isabel d’Aragó and Tanit Plana; Institut Emperador Carles and Marilia Samper; and Institut Maria Espinalt and Adrian Vega.

There will be 26 ’contamination’ sessions in total which seek to delve into the transforming ability of EN RESiDÈNCiA and its link with the educational project at each secondary school. The purpose of these sessions is to present the creation processes, share experiences, have an interchange of roles, reflect on the artistic combinations as a group so that new tools, partnerships, connections and links are formed between both the teaching staff as well as the students.

The ’contamination’ sessions will take place internally at the secondary schools, but you can keep up to date with what’s happening in their EN RESiDÈNCiA blogs. Let’s continue!


PHOTO: Julia Spínola IN RESIDENCE ‘contamination’ sessions at the Moisès Broggi Institute. March 2021