Apr 27

The public presentations of iN RESiDENCE are here! Prepare your diary!

The assembly hall of the Institut Bernat Metge (one of the three centres that participated in the first edition of iN RESiDENCE in the year 2009) is the space that will host the first of the 26 public presentations of the present edition of the programme: a space that David Espinosa has converted into a black box for presenting El Clic:

“An investigation into the creation of meaning through the relationship between bodily form, light and sound, playing with objects and materials and the shadow they produce, with the aim of constructing a comic in live action, a living comic. We’ve worked around the idea of representation and breaking through the limits of theatricality, questioning the stage setting and altering the equation of the elements that compose it. Maintaining a critical view, charged with irony regarding the reality that surrounds us, we’ve developed a formal game to surprise the audience and make them participate in the viewing of the work, displaying rawly the mechanisms and intentions of the work involved.”

David Espinosa has developed this creative process with a group of students of the second year of secondary education (ESO): Claudia Antonio Bermejo, Micaela Arias Arocha, Huina Chen, Lamis El Amarti Youssoufen Regragui, Joaquín Gordillo Fernández, Sinaí Jiménez Rodríguez, Daniel Juárez Moreno, Daniela Parra Rojas, Unai Raez Fontés, Candela Sánchez Castillo and Gloria Verdejo Ramón, and the teachers Carlos López Herranz and David Vilabella, all accompanied by Gaston Core and Pau Masaló (Sala Hiroshima), who have been responsible for curating and coordinating this residence.

El Clic will be presented in the Assembly Hall of the Institut Bernat Metge on Tuesday 3 May at 16:30. Free entry until house full. No prior booking necessary.

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