Apr 11

Group and multi-sensory listening, the driving force behind Violeta Mayoral’s residence

The Institut Vall d’Hebron secondary school’s teaching team actively participates in the ‘contamination’ session led by a group of 2nd-year students.

“Impressive”, “it gave me goose pimples” and some were on the verge of tears. This is what could be seen and heard at the end of the ‘contamination’ session of the creation process led by Violeta Mayoral iN RESiDENCE at the Institut Vall d’Hebron secondary school. Although the artist confessed that the start of the process was difficult, the progression of the group of young participants had surprised her, consolidating a strong link between the group, with the teachers and with the artist herself.

The session took place on 2 March and began with the arrival of the centre’s entire 2nd-year teaching team. Upon entering they found a row of chairs, each prepared with ‘headphones’ made by the youngsters using plastic cups. They are the relaxing headbands that the group has used in various sessions. Once everyone was seated, the students distributed cushions that they had made and decorated themselves and began a relaxation activity. They asked the audience to close their eyes and rest their heads on the cushions while the young artists guided them in a few minutes of meditation.

The aim was to create a calm atmosphere, not only through sound and words, but also the creation of a group and multi-sensory space. Violet Mayoral worked hard in the event with regards its methodology and with the semiotics of the experience. To do this, different aromas were also used, spread throughout the room. Thus, from this relaxed space, the group could hear how the students began to narrate their dreams in a more active way.

Once this activity was completed, the teachers were invited to take the relaxing headbands and place them over their ears. The idea was to create a kind of auditory self-massage, touching the sides of the plastic cups to listen to themselves. This exercise was created in one of the subject’s classes, based on some research carried out by the students themselves.

The ‘contamination’ session ended in a very emotional way, with all attendees congratulating the young artists, the teachers and Violeta Mayoral. The teachers expressed surprise and excitement upon seeing the students’ engagement and enthusiasm. They even asked the students to apply these relaxation, listening and concentration techniques in the rest of the activities they participate in.

You can follow how this proposal is going in the residence blog which is led by Violeta Mayoral iN RESiDENCE at the Institut Vall d’Hebron secondary school, together with the teachers Clara Bernadas and Laura Murillo, and the curatorship and coordination from L’Afluent.