Violeta Mayoral IN RESiDENCE at the School Vall d’Hebron

Instagram: @violetamayoral

Resident artist in Barcelona. She uses diverse media and formats. She uses events as a methodology and exile as a point from which to read her work. Her research focuses on the semiotic condition of experience and she is interested in phenomena such as indifference, expectations, meaning, possibility and appeal. She studied Communication at the University of Barcelona specialising in Semiotics at the UNAM (Mexico DF) thanks to an Iber-American grants from Banc de Santander. She has exhibited her works at the Joan Miró Foundation, the Reina Sofia Museum, Sala de Arte Joven in Madrid, the Art Nou Bcn festival, the etHall gallery in Barcelona and the SWAB and Arte Santander contemporary art fairs. She has also published on the platforms Lateral Addittion (Philadelphia), Atmos (Montevideo) and A’DESK (Barcelona), among others.

School Vall d’Hebron

Fifth year of participation of the Vall d’Hebron Secondary School (Sant Genís dels Agudells, Horta-Guinardó) in iN RESiDENCE. Once again, with a group of students from 2nd ESO. Margarita Andreu (2010-2011), Agnès Pe (2018-2019), Alejandro Palacín (2019-2020) and Svantje Bußhoff have been resident artists in previous editions. 


The Institut Vall d'Hebron is housed in a modernist building from the beginning of the 20th century designed as an orphanage by Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia. It started operating as an educational centre in the 1970s. It is very close to the Parc de Collserola and Vall d'Hebron has one of the most extensive educational services in the city of Barcelona. 


Presentation updated in September 2023


Students from 2nd ESO
Mohamed Aghattas El Mhassani, Víctor Cervantes González, Adrián Cuenca Pérez, Daniel Hernández Flores, Pedro Morales Cabrera, Sara Moreno Álvarez, Izan Muñoz Arroyo, Erika Mabel Paiva Olano, Unai Adria Quezada Castañeda, Xavi Ramos Franco, Pamela Rivas Medina, Nicole Rodríguez Zambrano, Nehad Talib , Carlos Roberto Vigil Martínez, Ainara Vitales Praderas. 

Clara Bernadas and Laura Murillo

Curator and coordination

Barcelona Culture Institute
Barcelona Education Consortium