Xavier Bobés IN RESiDENCE at the School Poeta Maragall


Second year ESO pupils like to work on clean desks. Please do not make them dirty. Thank you 
Installation and performance

No me acuerdo - Je ne me souviens pas - No me'n recordo - I do not remember 2014
150 copies (50 with audio CD)

Xavier Bobés' residency took as its starting point a meditation on objects and their evocative capacity. This entailed research into objects until, finally, the furniture at the school was the element chosen. The pupils made interventions on the desks and chairs, with drawings and texts that evoke a series of feelings linked to the time they spend at this furniture, in this space. At the same time, the group worked on the body and movement.

The writer Georges Perec became a point of reference in the process. Reading and discussing Je me souviens was the starting point for writing texts based on tests with very easy answers that Xavier Bobés drew up. As the answers to these tests were recorded, the sound part of the installation developed considerably, to the point where the pupils decided to create short musical interventions.

The final texts were brought together in a book, whilst the sound files are linked to the residency blog so that users can listen to them: http://blocsenresidencia.bcn.cat/poetamaragall/intervencio-sonora-no/


Public presentation
The presentation of the installation took place in the Sebastià Gasch Room at the Mercat de les Flors theatre. The pupils and Xavier Bobés made the presentation together, opening the debate with a very simple question: “What do you think of it?”. This question was posed by one of the pupils. A discussion then ensued between the audience, the pupils and the artist. The presentation was attended by pupils and teachers from the school, representatives from ICUB and Barcelona Education Consortium and people connected to the world of culture.


The closure, which took place on July 3, was an event similar to the presentation, opening up a discussion between the pupils and the spectators at the end of the installation session. On this occasion, the event was attended by several teachers linked to the In Residence initiative, as well as representatives from ICUB and people connected to the world of culture, particularly the theatre, who took part in the discussion following the presentation.