Vicens Casassas IN RESiDENCE at the School Valldemossa

Present absent

Vicens Casassas’s work revolves around the processes and dynamics that shape and govern our environment. The different situations and contexts in which he places his works determine their type, format and other aspects. At Institut Valldemossa, he plans an intervention in the public space at a site near the school: knowledge of this space and consideration of the use that the pupils taking part in the project will be important to define the exact location of the proposed intervention.

The industrial heritage in this and surrounding neighbourhoods, urban development in recent decades and the use of recycled and salvaged material will become important elements in this meditation on the process of transformation and change that we are experiencing nowadays and on our capacity and chances of influencing this process.

Vicens Casassas sees the development of this project as a process of arboreal ramification: we spring from a starting point and gradually grow in different directions from a common trunk; over the course of the project, a series of activities and proposals will emerge, like branches on a tree.