Urati laboratori IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola Eixample

A fizzy-drink can takes ten years to break down. A plastic bag, about one thousand five hundred years. Nuclear waste takes more than two and a half million years. A human body takes just a few months. This botanical process of death and decay is in part the reason why we are not able to appreciate our actions perpetrated in nature. “Eterns profetes de la fatalitat” (Eternal prophets of doom) is a proposal that seeks to confront the following question; how do we face the idea of catastrophe? In the world we inhabit we have grown up with the idea of an imminent catastrophe, where the future is nothing more than a land in ruins. This paralysing idea acts as an anchor for the imagination, which often prevents new generations from imagining new possible futures. The “Eterns profetes de la fatalitat” project aims to be a space for reimagination. A territory conceived so that, through our presence in it, we can try to be aware of how we affect the environment. Using the tools developed by the Urati laboratory, we will work on a proposal somewhere between an exhibition installation and the stage scene, where we can look further into the idea of catastrophe in our times. To do this, we will use the tools that are common to us, conducting research that combines the use of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.