Societat Doctor Alonso IN RESiDENCE at the School Montjuïc

Societat Doctor Alonso, a company directed by Tomas Aragay (stage director and playwright) and Sofia Asencio (dancer and choreographer), creates an artistic language from the fusion of theatre and dance. One of the key elements in this language is the concept of displacement. This involves taking something from its rightful place, sphere or space and then studying how this displacement modifies language, as regards both its constituent grammar and the interpretation that an observer may make of this. Moving something in order to reveal something. This manoeuvre of displacement has become an effective tool for generating spaces of poetic discourse that question the status quo that surrounds our understanding of reality.

The company's stage productions include text, physical work and choreographic concepts, and explore the public spaces and the relation between the body and dance to non-conventional sites.

As Societat Doctor Alonso, their creations include, amongst others, Tomorrow will be like today (2002), Shopping Bread (2003), Sobre la bellesa (2003), Santa Sofía, el solo d'una ignorant (2004), Sobre la mort (2005), El traspiés de Luisa (2006), Volumen II (2007), Retratos o si yo fuera (2008), El cuerpo colectivo (2009), Club Fernando Pessoa (2010), Ácido folklórico (2010), La Glorieta (2011), Introducció a la introducció (2012), La naturalesa i el seu tremolor (2013), El desenterrador (2013) and Andrei Rublev, una paniconografía (2014). 

Biography written in 2015

School Montjuïc

Institut Montjuïc took part in the fifth edition of EN RESiDÈNCiA (2013-2014), working with the artist Eduard Arbós, and in the sixth (2014-2015), with a project by Lua Coderch. A group of fourth year ESO compulsory secondary education pupils is taking part in this current edition.


The Institut Montjuïc has served its neighbourhood Zona Franca for more than 30 years. Its participation in IN RESiDENCE is connected with the school’s wish to forge additional links between itself and the social and cultural agents in its area and the city while at the same time fostering the artistic interests of its pupils. 


Students 4th of ESO:
Sílvia Alonso, Dina Aoulad, Julen Cupillar, Ariadna Domínguez, Lola Enciso, Andrea Fuentes, Rubén Giménez, Fadwa Kharbou, Anna Palomeque, Clàudia Saa, Onkhar Singh and Abdul Waha

Anna Pantinat (music) and Vicent Santamaria. Domingo Espot Jubilla (director)

Curation and coordination:

Graner – Mercat de les Flors

Directed by:
Culture Institute of Barcelona
Barcelona Education Consortium