Si los martes fueran viernes IN RESiDENCE at the School Antaviana

Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes (SLMFV)

Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes (SLMFV) is a space for the creation and production of instantly composed stage pieces: An improvisation house. It was founded in October 2018 in Barcelona to create a space and a community around the study and practice of instant composition.

More than 150 national and international artists have participated in its productions and the following spaces have collaborated as stage territories: Mercat de les Flors, La Caldera Barcelona, L'animal a l'esquena, El Graner, l'Akasha Hub, Nau Bostik, Oracles Teatre , La Lleialtat Santsenca, Valid World Hall and Espronceda Institute of Art&Culture, among others.

Their productions include the series Los Capítulos de SLMFV (2018-2020), the cycle Los Cortos Viernes (2020/2021), the project Antes que se acabe el mundo (Argentina, 2022-2024), the Festival d'Improvisació Escènica ENEMIGOS ÍNTIMOS and Casa Nostra, co-produced with the Mercat de les Flors.

Alongside its stage projects, SLMFV has generated an open space for research and practice on instantaneous composition: The Laboratorios de Improvisación Escénica. These laboratories share and develop the project's own action methodology. The Labs have taken place in different venues in Barcelona, such as Graner, L'animal a l'esquena, Àrea Espai de Dansa i Creació, Nunart, Dau al Sec and Pla Roig, and also more recently, at the Out of The Toolbox festival in Gant, Belgium.


Presentation updated in September 2023

School Antaviana

This is the sixth time Antaviana (les Roquetes, Nou Barris) has taken part in EN RESiDÈNCiA, with a group of third-year ESO students. Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximénez, Sebastián García Ferro, Eulàlia Garcia Valls, Octavi Serra and Luís Tabuenca have participated in previous editions.


Institut Escola Antaviana is known for an educational approach that considers inclusion and attention to diversity as one of its main objectives. Its pupils are a very broad cross-section of the social spectrum of the neighbourhood and show a very high degree of diversity in terms of individual educational needs and socio-economic background. Antaviana also has strong links with families, the neighbourhood and its facilities, such as the Ateneu de Nou Barris, which is a reference point for the entire educational community.


3rd ESO students


Joaquim Cubarsí and Carme Salinas 

Committee and coordination

Mercat de les Flors / Graner


Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona