Ricard Trigo IN RESiDENCE at the School Milà i Fontanals

Creation of the PlexiApp web app

Part one
Ricardo Trigo’s residency is divided into two parts, according to the two final pieces presented. Firstly, Drunk Arial is a typographic investigation based on references from the world of design and the artist’s interest in suggesting programming error. For this piece, we worked with the Barcelonan typographer Rafa Goicoechea, who advised us over technical aspects related to typography. Drunk Arial has since become a work belonging to the school, which will apply it as a communication element and in a number of administrative areas. Ricardo Trigo also presented Drunk Arial in February as part of the project “Destreza y torpeza” at COSA in Madrid. Besides Drunk Arial, two other typographies were also created: Abstèmia and Ressaca.

Part two
The second part of the residency centred on making the web app. The programmer Carlton Gibson cooperated with the group in this part of the process. As we have mentioned, PlexiApp is a web app in which there is a series of random combinations that end up defining and creating the final product, a sheet of plexiglass with the result of in the winning combination on the app.
PlexiApp was also presented in May as part of Ricardo Trigo’s project Panorama at La Galeria in Palafrugell.

Actions linked to the residency
- Visit to Espai 13: Exhibitions by Ana García-Pineda, Nicolás Lamas and Eva Fàbregas
- Visit to Carlton Gibson’s studio
- Visit to Rafa Goicoechea’s studio

We solidify liquids

Presentation exercise for an individual project

Project notebooks

Visit to Carlton Gibson’s studio

A class with the computer programme to design the app: Carlton Gibson

We design the app

Visit to Rafa Goicoechea’s studio

Class with the designer Rafael Goicoechea

We create the typographies

Process of the app-generated works

Sant Jordi workshop at Milà i Fontanals using the typographies from In Residence

Visit to Espai 13: exhibition by Ana García-Pineda

Visit to Espai 13: exhibition by Nicolás Lamas

We prepare the presentation