Raquel Friera i Xavier Bassas IN RESiDENCE at the School Poeta Maragall

Learning time. Manual on chronodiversity.

Learning time. Manual on chronodiversity. is the publication resulting from the whole academic year. It is a collection of all the works, performed as activities, carried out by all the students. The publication is defined as a time machine to denaturalise chronometric time and aims to be an active tool so that other schools may experience chronodiversity. The publication is also accompanied by phrases, images, drawings, photographs, etc., generated by the students at INS Poeta Maragall throughout the entire process.

Do you normally waste time? Do you know how much time there is in life? Do you believe in time travel? Shouldn’t we learn more about our rhythms? We should learn how to waste time, time travel and imagine other rhythms in life. So we invite you to the presentation of the book Learning time. Manual on chronodiversity, with questions, reflections, exercises and critical practical exercises to suspend normal time and open up to other time experiences. 

The keywords for this residence were time, thought, activism, conversation and experience. Based on a topic of vital importance, an open door has been created to the experience, to situated thought, in first person, to conversation and the exchange of ways of living and understanding everything as a political or artistic act. A path that has broadened the students’ conception of the creative process and artistic production.