Perico Pastor IN RESiDENCE at the School Joan Salvat-Papasseit

The neighbourhood of words

El barri de les paraules [The neighbourhood of words]
Collage of illustrations
Four banners, each 10 x 1.60 m 
Japan paper, ink, watercolour

Perico Pastor invited the pupils to discover a new way of reading, joining text and illustration. Inspired by the fact that the school bears the name of a writer that he admires and has previously studied, Perico Pastor and the pupils decide to illustrate some of his poems dedicated to the Barceloneta neighbourhood, after which they focus on the poem Nocturn per a acordió [Nocturne for Accordion]. 

To do this, they explore the Japanese pen and ink drawing technique. However, their study is not restricted to texts, and they also work on contextual material, both graphic and written, about the world of the poet Salvat-Papasseit.

The final result was a column formed by four banners installed in the middle of the courtyard in the Palau de La Virreina, marking Barcelona Poetry Week. On each column were collages formed by the illustrations created by the pupils and Perico Pastor students using India ink and watercolour. The columns were also adorned by verses from the poem Nocturn per a acordió, some of them translated into their languages (and alphabets) of origin by participating students.

Barcelona Poesia poetry festival
The art project that Perico Pastor created during his period as artist-in-residence at Joan Salvat-Papasseit secondary school revolved around the word, and from the start poetry occupied an important place. For this reason, the residency linked up with Barcelona Poetry Week.This link inspired several activities:

- Creation by the pupils taking part in the residency of a bookmark that is distributed during Poetry Week. The final design is chosen by the pupils themselves, and 1,500 copies are printed.

- The pupils and teachers engaged in the residency attend “Poetry Night” at the Palau de la Música Catalana on 14 May 2013. The set for the performance at this venue was, moreover, designed by Perico Pastor.

- Intervention in the courtyard of the Palau de La Virreina in the framework of Poetry Week. On May 9, the the work, created by Perico Pastor in collaboration with the pupils, is presented in this space, and the installation is open to the public throughout Barcelona Poetry Week.

The pupils and Perico Pastor presented El barri de les paraules [The neighbourhood of words] and some recited verses from the poem Nocturn per a acordió [Nocturne for Accordion].