Pau Miró IN RESiDENCE at the School Moisès Broggi

Actes de resistència

Actes de resistència [Acts of resistance]


The play’s rehearsal process took place almost entirely in two different spaces at the Institut Moisès Broggi: one, a classroom in the school for sessions centred more on Pau and the students getting to know each other, and the writing and organisation of the piece; the other, the school’s theatre for sessions more focused on the staging or performance. This, however, was quite a large space which, for all the freedom it provided, made it difficult to concentrate.

The In Residence presentation, however, took place at the Sala de Baix at the Sala Beckett / Obrador Internacional de Dramatúrgia on 30 May. All the students taking part in the project had already come to the theatre the previous day to carry out a technical check and familiarise themselves with the space. On the day of the presentation itself, however, they spent the entire day in the theatre, rehearsing and finally resolving any problems that might arise. The first session was held at 12.30 noon for the school’s students, and a second at 7 pm for the educational community in general, that is, family members, friends and teachers.