Oriana Eliçabe IN RESiDENCE at the School Consell de Cent

Photographic action is the result of a dialogue between photography, the space involved and a certain social and cultural context. All this, the product of a collaborative process in which critical thinking, research, documentation, image, creation and communication come into play, along with astuteness, humour and fun.

This creation process will be accompanied by the students in the conceptualisation and development of a collective photographic action project, capable of involving the urban space by opening collaborative processes that contribute to social transformation.

We will analyse various types of photographic actions, ranging from interventions in advertising or in the media, to those that understand the city as a frequency which can undergo interruptions with images, thus causing interference with the dominant discourse. We’ll investigate new media to intervene with our images, and we will experience creating new objects and action devices, seeking breaks with the classic forms of exposure, distribution and reassertion.

One of the first objectives of the residency programme is to design a photographic intervention based on the interests of the participating students, and to encourage a critical attitude in relation to the contemporary uses of photography, technology and its relationship with social reality.

Sharing this collaborative practice with students will undoubtedly be a way of intervening in our own lives. Whoever attends a TAF! photography workshop does not remain indifferent. This is what the act is about, changing things, starting with oneself!