Ninja Papel IN RESiDENCE at the School Doctor Puigvert

Renata Gelosi is a multi-disciplinary artist, poet and publisher. She trained through seminars in photography, animation, silkscreen printing, restoration of books, binding, typographic printing, writing, design and composition. In 2016, she founded Ninja Papel Editora, a publisher through which she publishes both her own material and that of other artists. Since 2010, she has formed part of the Las Panteras performing arts collective, with whom she has travelled to South America and Europe. She is also part of the feminist activist group Nuez Igual and Ningunas, the music and electro-experimental art duo. She is a creative member of Funcionamiento Nocturno, reading circles in public spaces and an editorial project that links architecture with poetry and linguistics. She has carried out artistic residences in Mundo Dios (Mar del Plata) and at Palau Zuriaga (Barcelona). She currently lives in Barcelona, where she is a co-creator of the LADEMO-club, an emerging space that organises cultural meetings, workshops and community activities, and she is also a member of L’Automàtica group, a typographic printing company. Similarly, she is a co-founder of GUASH, a series of meetings on the expanded publication mode, and After Eight, a reading circle held in ice cream parlours.


Presentation updated in September 2022

School Doctor Puigvert

The eleventh edition of iN RESiDENCE which the Doctor Puigvert Secondary School (Sant Andreu) participates in. Luis Bisbe, Jaume Ferrete, Francesc Ruiz, Luz Broto, Ana García-Pineda, Enric Farrés Duran, Max Besora, Maria Llop and Vanesa Varela, Anna Irina Russell and Gerda Kochanska have developed creation processes there. Once again, the Doctor Puigvert Secondary School participates in the programme with a group of 1st-year students.


Institut Doctor Puigvert is very close to the Trinitat road network and the course of the Besòs river. It was opened in 1985, although the current building was not inaugurated until the 1991-92 school year. Its faculty agreed to name it the Institut Doctor Puigvert in honour of the urologist Antoni Puigvert (1905-1990), whose childhood was closely linked to Sant Andreu. 

Presentation updated in September 2023


Students from 1st of ESO


Maria Villar and Eva Agasa

Curator and coordination
Difusor – Bmurals

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona